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Wildlife Cam

Have you thought about using your CCTV to view wildlife in your garden?


our CCTV makes it easy using the advanced motion detection for you to watch and record the wildlife in your area, offering virtually any time step to record your nature videos.


The built-in web server for watching remotely also uses motion detection to trigger the recording of passing wildlife, as well as sending alerts by email

Sensitivity controls and user-defined privacy masks allow you to eliminate irrelevant images


Full Day/ Night Operation - Camera Operates In Colour Under Normal Lighting Conditions and Automatically Switches to Black & White In Low Light,


Ensuring The Best Image Capture Possible In Varying Light Conditions. Camera is also Infrared Sensitive and will make use of any Standard Infrared sources available or use the built in infra red lights

Once your video is recorded, you can easily convert (with free software) to a video file for use on DVDs, video presentations, etc.

Its so interesting watching the wildlife and how they behave in their own habitats, nests, and life styles. its really good because you dont upset them by creeping around by the nests as the camera just sits there watching.

There are now believed to be at least 25000 black squirrels – mostly in East Anglia – but isolated sightings have been recorded elsewhere, ... Placing feeders in order to attract a wide variety of birds inquisitive cat Home CCTV Oil Tank Cam Elderly Cam Baby Monitor Cam Baby Sitter Cam PlayRoom Cam Caravan Cam Pond Cam Pet Cam Aviary Cam wildlife in your garden? Do not provoke the cat !!

Do not provoke the cat