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Oil Tank Camera

Use CCTV to protect your oil, on movement near your oil tank you will receive an email or text alert

Consider investing in CCTV technology or security lighting to cover your tank and surrounding areas to illuminate any suspicious behaviour

With Heating Oil costs being so high, the temptation for a thief is equally high and the result is that they are now targeting domestic fuel tanks in addition to the farms and transport depots.


Many tanks can hold hundreds and even thousands of pounds worth of fuel so where you would take every available opportunity to protect a case of cash in the open, you should take the same precautions when it comes to your tank especially when many people will see their heating oil bills rise by about five hundred pounds in a year.

What do I hope to achieve by using CCTV


Is there a reasonable level of light where the cameras will be operating or do I need to think about using cameras with low light capability? (most thefts take place at night).


What am I going to record the captured images on - digital recording is best?


How am I going to provide the police with any evidence I may capture

oil be seeing you tanks for the memory

With fuel becoming so incredibly expensive, your oil tank is becoming an increasingly attractive target for criminals.

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Home CCTV Elderly Cam Baby Monitor Cam Baby Sitter Cam Play Room Cam Caravan Cam Wildlife Cam Pond Cam Pet Cam Aviary Cam Consider investing in CCTV technology or security lighting to cover your tank to help catch criminals after the crime,