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Frequently asked Questions

How Does Mobile CCTV Monitoring Work?


Your CCTV DVR connects to the internet by plugging the DVR into a broadband router (via ethernet)


Port Forwarding settings on your broadband router allows secure external access to your DVR via web browsers or dedicated software like smartphone app's


Using specialist DDNS features, you can connect to your live CCTV cameras and recorded footage from any location where there is an internet connection


Once set-up, you can freely access your CCTV securely using any method mentioned above to monitor your home or business premises from anywhere in the World.


What are the benefits of remote CCTV monitoring?


Being able to access your CCTV cameras and footage remotely means you can monitor your commercial premises or domestic property from any location.


When you're out and about, on holiday or out of the office you can quickly and easily log in to your CCTV system and monitor your property from any location.


As well as the ability to log in to your CCTV system using an internet browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox, dedicated "app's" are available to download to your smartphone or tablet computer (Android or Apple) where you can access your CCTV on portable devices in an instant.

1. What is CCTV?


Closed circuit television is a television system that operates on a ‘closed loop’ basis. CCTV pictures are only available to those directly connected to the loop, which transmits the picture from the camera to a monitor often via a recording device such as a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).



2. How do I choose the right camera?


Once we have conducted a site survey and discussed your requirements we can then suggest the right camera for you.


3. How long do cameras take to install?


Depending on the size of the premises, it can take between a day and a half to 2 days.


4. Can I have extra cameras in my package?


Yes you can, along as the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) allows you to add extra cameras to it. If you think you may need extra cameras later we would put in a DVR with more CCTV channels.



5. What guarantee are provided on the cameras?


The cameras have a 12 months manufacturer warranty.



6. Are CCTV systems expensive?


Not at all, We can generally cater a system that will meet your needs and budget.



7. Can I check the status of the cameras if I am not at home?


Yes you can, we can set up your DVR with your wireless Internet router. You can then connect to your DVR via the Internet and after authenticating, you will be able to view the cameras in real time.



8. Do the cameras work in the dark?


Yes, the cameras can come with built in Infra Red or a device can be added so that the picture quality doesn’t degrade in the dark.



9. Can I view the cameras remotely, i.e. from another premises or even from another country?


Yes. All DVR's supplied by us provide remote connection from most tablets, smartphones, iPads, iPhones netbooks, laptops Pc's etc via broadband or wifi. This provides simple live viewing, controlling PTZ cameras and complete access to recorded images including playback along with alarm notification and email alerts..



10. Are the cameras easy to maintain?


Yes, there won’t be any unexpected costs. We recommend yearly maintenance to ensure the cameras are focusing correctly and the picture quality has not decreased.



11. What if a camera stops working, who do I call?


Very unlikley - You should contact us immediately so we can run through some routine procedures to get the camera up and running again as soon as possible.



12. Can CCTV reduce crime?


The government believes that CCTV deters ‘opportunistic’ crime, where people take advantage of a situation on the spur of the moment. There is ample evidence that it is particularly effective at reducing ‘vehicle related’ crime.


CCTV cameras are also creating a vastly increased rate of convistion after crime are detected. Anyone caught on CCTV committing an offence is very likely to plead guilty, thus saving time in long and expensive court appearances.



13. Can I provide a copy of an incident to the police if required?


Yes. All DVR's supplied by ourselves allow the customer to copy video footage from the hard drive to a portable media, such as a CD, DVD, or a USB stick. Training and instruction will be demonstrated upon installation and thereafter if required.


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