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Add audio to your CCTV

Audio amplifier/loudspeaker for live talkback.


Warn off intruders as soon as they are detected by using the VoiceOFF talkback amp with our Digital Video Recorders (DVR)



Accepts up to 20 alarm inputs

Used With DVR as a Talkback Amp

Powerful 10 watt Output

RS232 Connection To PC Or DVR

Sounds Stored On SD Card

Auto-Activated Using Alarm Inputs

Stores and Plays 9999 Sounds

Weatherproof IP65

Connect the VoiceOFF to the alienDVR in the surveillance area. The CCTV operator can then talk back to a visitor on detection.


This feature can be used for security purposes to warn off an intruder for business and property management purposes by using it to communicate with a visitor. Councils use them for example to tell someone to pick up litter they have dropped or to warn them they are illegally parked. For the majority of businesses that are not manned 24/7, using this talkback feature gives the owner/manager an extra pair of eyes and voice even when they are not there. If an intruder breaks into the property or its perimeter during the night, they can be alerted by an alarm input such as a break beam detector and then "warn off" the intruder.

voiceburglar Dettering Vandals Protecting Property Welcome Visitors

Can I fit the VoiceOff unit outside?


Yes, the VoiceOff unit has an ABS case which is weatherproof to IP65. So it can be installed outdoors or indoors.

For the MK2 VoiceOff, a maximum of 9999 recordings can be added to the VoiceOff to use with the RS232 interface or 20 recordings for to correspond with the unit's 20 alarm inputs.

If you wish to extend the area in which the unit can be heard, you can link up to 4 slave speakers to the unit

Can I record my own files for the VoiceOff unit?


Yes - for more details see our help page


Suggested other trigger options

What happens when more than one alarm is triggered in quick succession?


A common question people ask about the VoiceOff is “What happens if its playing back one message and another alarm input or perhaps the same alarm input is re-triggered?” The answer is the original message plays out until it reaches the end of that message. This is a deliberate feature. It's so that if you are using a VoiceOff unit to warn away intruders and a message is played when a PIR detects the intruder you want the message to complete even if the PIR is re-triggered by movement again. If this did not happen, the warning would sound a bit fake especially if it's cut off midway through and restarts again. Ideally you want the listener to believe it's possible (even if only at a subconscious level) that a real person is delivering the message. Similarly you may be using the VoiceOff to deliver a welcome message, you will want the welcome message to play out in full and not be cut off midway through delivery because the unit is re-triggered by someone else.


   You may have a special or different use for the VoiceOff that does indeed require instant termination of any message that is playing. Of course, provision is proved for this with a “re-set” terminal. When you connect the re-set terminal to ground, the message is instantly terminated.


   When you are using the VoiceOff to play back pre-recorded messages and also using its audio input to deliver live audio through its audio input connector, it is designed to take control over the system automatically.


   For example, if audio is fed into the phono input any pre-recorded message that is playing will be terminated as the operator has chosen to take control and deliver live audio. This may be a supermarket announcing the store is closing in fifteen minutes using a microphone in the manager's office. The manager's message must obviously take precedence over any other action the VoiceOff is carrying out and therefore it would interrupt any MP3 audio that is playing from the SD card.

MK2 Specification


20 x Alarm inputs


RS232 connection to PC or DVR; can trigger up to 9999 sounds!


Speaker output 8W 80 ohms


Micro SD card compatible


MP3 file compatible


8-18V AC or 12V DC


200mA max(depending on volume)


Wall mounting fixing lugs

   Ivory ABS housing


Rated IP65


234 x 188 x 85mm (inc lugs)


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