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On a more personal note  I would like to share with you, what my wife and I have done at our French villa in regard to improve more than just the security aspect, but to manage and enjoy the property when we are their and more importantly - away.


Other than the security aspect we can look at the garden and flowers, water them as necessary by remotely switching on and off our watering system via the Internet. Not only that but we also control our outside lighting, garden fountains and even our swimming pool pumps etc all by the same method. We also use it to switch on our fridges and hot water in advance for when we visit the villa.


The cctv we installed allows us to look around the property day and night by using inexpensive pan tilt and zoom cameras which we control from any PC in the world or by using a mobile phone. Not only that but because they have sound we can hear the village and wildlife too. The dvr (which is hid away as you rarely need to access it ) is set  to record if a camera detects motion in any selected areas, it also uploads the file to an off site server and alerts you via an email and or text to your phone. All this can be programmed away from the dvr and changed any time to suit our requirements.


The Internet has made a big difference to us and  has proved very reliable being in  operation for 6 plus years.

Richard Osterfield

When new ideas or technology comes along we like to be amongst the first to implement and introduce this service  to our customers. which is why we are introducing a novel approach to CCTV at our new site


Richard Osterfield established Osterfield Electrical Services in 1976 and is the sole owner and Managing Director.


Osterfield Electrical Services has had a number of loyal employees and has established trusted relationships with a full range of designers and subcontractors forged over many years. It is by using the same core team of designers and suppliers that Osterfield is able to maintain its reputation for delivering quality results within programme and budgets.

Established in 1976, we are a Design & Build Contractor to the office fit-out and other industries.


Our personal approach ensures that we can deliver high quality and a successful outcome for your project large or small..


We're not a large company, and this allows us to check even the smallest of details. We let other companies in our industry seek the larger turnovers, allowing us to concentrate on providing you with a more flexible and one-to-one service. Our company is lean and efficient, and we prefer to stay that way.

The high quality of our work and non adversarial approach is demonstrated by repeat appointments and long-term relationships with our clients. If you want to find out what our clients think of us, just ask us for their endorsements.


We were amongst the first companies to give a PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) Service back in 1989 and our clients included The Economist, British Gas, UBS, The Child Support Agency, Cambridge Consultants, to name but a few. We now no longer offer this service - leaving it to the many following in our footsteps.

Our customers, amongst many, have Included


Cambridge Consultants


UBS - Triton Court


Tate & Lyle


Man Group – Sugar Quay- London. Installation of most Electrical Services in all computer rooms and trading rooms combined with ongoing fit-out work to their 120,000 sq ft Sugar Quay offices over 10 years either on a design and build or construction basis. Several floors fitted out twice during that period.


Frequently the electrical works were made to partly occupied office areas. Therefore installation often had to be programmed around the client to avoid any disruption. This was only possible in some instances by extensive night and weekend working.