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Now Think ANALOG! up your street for indoor cams ...everyone's top pick for indoor cams
  • Connect from your iPhone or an Android smarphone or tablet.

  • Receive alerts for motion and hear sound on your smartphone or other device.

  • Drop in live and talk directly with people and to your pets.

Stay Close to your loved oned. Monitor your CCTV from your iPhone or Android smartphone! Instant Email alerting you of detected movement around or within your property

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Petcam, Pet CCTV - View your pet online 24/7 with our unique and private pet cams
We are pet lovers and understand how it feels when you have to leave your pet at home.

Petcam, Pet CCTV

Pet care providers are encouraged to browse to find out how we can really help build your business

Great for checking on your property while away or after receiving an Email Alert from the system CCTV for Rural Locations

Applications for your home

Applications for rural locations

Attract more lettings to your property
Our all in one remote viewer that allows companies, entrepreneurs in fact anyone to distribute a promotional remote live viewing application with your name on it and your graphics.

Applications for Second Home and Holiday Villas & Gite Owners


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HD CCTV- Professional and with some of the best affordable technology available on the security market.


for your home, family, the elderly, pets and business.

What are you watching in your aviary?            With your aviary CCTV web Cam. Prevent bird thefts in aviaries, homes and pet stores. ... Systems including cameras, motion lights and other equipment can be purchased and owner-installed

Aviary Cam, Watch your birds feeding and playing from the comfort of your own home

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Powerful Security & Privacy Protection  

Your cameras are password protected  only you can access your cameras.

...everyone's top pick

Our Camera pictured above (wifi) allows you to place them anywhere in your home and move them to another location quickly.


Going away for the weekend?


              Move the camera to monitor the front seconds. just plug it in to another power socket. as simple as that!

Elderly Cam, Ideal to watch over your elderly, disabled or ill love ones. It’s a way of simply checking in on elderly parent who is living alone.

Get an instant alert if your child gets near the pool without permission while you are away.

Swimming Pool Cam, Get an instant alert if your child gets near the pool without permission while you are away.

add audio to cctv wireless Irene Osterfield

Meet our Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW cube cam. This WiFi camera comes with built-in infrared vision, true motion detection, and built-in mic and speaker for 2 way audio. On-board storage up to 64 GB. You can perform 2 way audio with anyone at the camera location from your PC or smartphone etc. The device is capable of capturing videos at HD 1080p Video @ 30 FPS. saw-c-look is copyright Going Away for the Weekend ? Free - iVMS-4200 is a versatile video management software for the DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, encoders decoders, etc.

Present trends in the video surveillance industry indicate an increasing number of analog CCTV systems migrating to IP surveillance. Even though analog systems stands out to be more user friendly with ease-to-use nature, IP networked video security solutions has become increasingly popular as they can offer HD (720P / 1080P) image quality to its users.


Based on HDTVI (High Definition Transfer Video Interface) technology, Hikvison has developed revolutionary Turbo HD Analog solution. It enables reliable long-distance analog HD video transmission over-coaxial cable. Specially designed for analog users who want a high-definition surveillance system, they can now enjoy HD without upgrading to IP or even replacing their existing cabling structure. Most importantly, Turbo HD Analog solution inherits the the same installing means of conventional analog solutions, which is of great convenience and ease to all its users.

think_opt adobe_opt LEARN MORE about Hikvision Turbo DVR's & Cameras Learn more about EZVIZ

from £ 97.20 +pp

ezviz intro v1.3 ezviz viewing Upgrade your old installation using your existing coaxial cables*

Upgrade your old installation using your existing coaxial cables*

Powerful Security & Privacy Protection

The user accounts, video & picture files and network traffic are encrypted.


Hikvision pays attention to the protection of video surveillance system hacking (latest firmware version 5.3.0)


Creating a strong password is required for activation before using the camera

Password strength prompt (Weak,Medium,Strong)

Weak or Risky Passwords not allowed and rejected.

Wi-Fi and (WPS connection),

Megapixel Performance with Analog Simplicity

The Hikvision Turbo DVRs are compatible with traditional analogue cameras as well as HD-TVI, meaning legacy analogue installations can utilise existing cameras as well as introducing 720P/1080P HD resolutions via the Hikvision Turbo HD Camera range.

Introducing the latest development in CCTV.  The Hikvision Turbo HD DVR Range features HD-TVI technology to bring 720P and 1080P resolution over legacy coax or cat5 cabling (via HD-TVI Baluns).

twoway audio Buy direct from saw-c-look online shop Turbo HD in stock at

Hikvision Turbo  - Your Analog 1080P

All our cameras have English firmware and English interface.


Latest UK firmware




The latest free version of the Hikvision iVMS-4500 app is available to download today.

download at IVMS-4500 v4 from the windows,android or apple store Link button Link button Link button info about ivms-4500 v4

Supplied by official Authorised Partner of HikVision in the UK.

£ 97.20 inc vat


High performing, affordable and easy to use so families can stay connected, businesses can become more communicative, friends can share special moments and distance is no longer a barrier to staying in touch.



Are you on a burglar's to-do list?

house for your home, family, the elderly, pets and business. Stay Close to loved ones with the help of HIKVISION Media File Player.V 7.2.0